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Soulsearching Blog

I have taken the time to think. Here’s some of my thoughts!

♥ Keep in mind this blog format is WIP! ♥

Body Positivity

TW: Body Positivity A couple of disclaimers up front: I am sincerely hoping this will not negatively affect any collaborations with photographers, models or other interested parties, as this is not to be part of my portfolio. If it does, so be it. This is not at all...

Opening up

Hi everyone! I have decided to start working on a Blog. Today's blog about body positivity, which I will be posting shortly after this blog, wouldn't be the first time in a while I want to write a lot more than the 2000 characters Instagram will allow me to. More...

Hello world!

"Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!" So obviously I'm doing the blog through wordpress. If anyone has any helpful tips or hints. Please let me know!I wonder how the comments section works for one. It's still all work...