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Hi everyone!
I have decided to start working on a Blog. Today’s blog about body positivity, which I will be posting shortly after this blog, wouldn’t be the first time in a while I want to write a lot more than the 2000 characters Instagram will allow me to.

More often than not, photosets that I do have a meaning to me, or I would love to share more content about what’s been going on behind the scenes, or like in the case of “Body Positivity” have a deeper meaning, and are a topic I can be very passionate about. I have considered doing a blog a multitude of times, but I never really thought anyone would be interested in reading it, or following it, which made me feel like it would be lost effort.

What changed my mind and finally pushed me to make that darned blog is the fact that I actually really enjoy sharing stories, and writing down articles about the things that keep me busy. I may also have been inspired by the sims 4 writing carreer. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

I hope you’ll like reading my blogs, as I spend a lot od time and effort in them. Don’t expect a lot though, to maintain quality I will only post blogs when I actually have something to say.

I will give facebook, twitter and Instagram notifications on new blogs, so follow either of these if you want to be notified about new blogposts!

Love, Lilith.